Articles // “Jadal” Publishes New Articles about “Sexual Politics in Palestine”

“Jadal” Publishes New Articles about “Sexual Politics in Palestine”

Our first academic school on sexual and gender diversity took place in December 2014. It engaged activists and academics, and was attended by 30 participants. In 2015, we composed and collected written materials produced by the participants. This resulted in a publication of a first set of articles published by Jadal (November 2015 issue), the journal of Mada al-Carmel, edited by Areen Hawari. To read more about this project, click here. The writers were part of the organizing/academic committee, as well as participants from the academic school. The articles' were framed under the school's title “Sexual Politics in the Colonial Context of Palestine” and included the following articles:

1) "Introduction: Sexual Politics in the Colonial Context of Palestine", by Areen Hawari (Issue's Editor)

2) "Beyond the Israeli Prison’s Rods: Between the “Sexual” and the “Political,” by Hadeel Badarni

3) "Hebrew University: The Intersect Between Colonialism and Gender", by Yara Sa’di

4) "Homosexuality and Equality Discourse: A Critical View on Gay Marriage," by Budour Hassan

5) "Individuals, Bodies, and Sexuality: Critical Lessons for the Future, Culled from the Palestinian Left’s Past," by alQaws activists

6) "The Image of the Homosexual in the Palestinian Conscious: A Historical Overview," by Ghaith Hillal and Haneen Maikey

This ongoing school and publication cycle will create a process on which to continually build knowledge and engage current discussions and concerns around gender and sexual diversity issues. To read the whole issue in Arabic click here