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Bring alQaws Educational Training to Your Organization

In recent years, alQaws has become the primary source of information and knowledge on Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Palestinian context. alQaws’ expertise, which is  enhanced by ongoing advocacy and service initiatives in alQaws, grew from years of experience offering educational training for professional staff and activists in civil society organizations (CSOs), political and social movements, and other professional settings.  During 2015 alone, alQaws’ educational training team provided over 130 training hours in eight different CSOs and educational institutions, working with youth and marginalized groups from the Galilee, Nazareth, Jaffa, Lod, and East Jerusalem, in addition to providing training for teachers in high schools.

alQaws’ educational training unit aims to provide a wide range of professionals and activists with basic skills, information, and analytical tools on Sexual and Gender Diversity.  The goal of this initiative is to develop inclusive workplace strategies and methods, as well as to facilitate effective and inclusive approaches to Sexual and Gender Diversity issues inside civil society organizations and movements. Through its training unit, alQaws offers educational workshops, intensive training sessions, and long-term courses about sexual and gender identity.  In addition, alQaws offers one-shot lectures on topics related to the educational, psychological, social, and political aspects of sexuality in Palestine.

To learn more about the  alQaws Training Unit and\or to schedule training workshops for your organization, please contact us at:

Tel: 0526946333 (Mary)
Emil: mary@alqaws.org