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New Teacher Training in I'billin

With the start of summer, alQaws concluded a training course for teachers and educators at Mar Elias High School in the village of I’billin. The training began in March and ran for 3 months.

alQaws’ teacher training program aims to expand the conversation around sexual and gender diversity in schools. It provides basic knowledge to educators and opens the space to ask questions and share the difficulties facing teachers.

(Mar Elias High School)

Topics discussed over the 10 training sessions included: sexual identity, community violence, dealing with violence at school, family, and the role of teachers, among others. About 20 teachers and educators joined the course, which required each participant to engage their students in an activity related to the topics covered in the course. Teachers chose different topics to discuss with students, including sexual identity, language and terminology, and gender roles.

This practical approach allowed educators to self-reflect on personal attitudes, and how they influence their professional duties. Teachers also explored different conversations and challenges with students in different classes.