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[Online Workshop] On The Question of: Coping with Successive Violent Incidents

As a result of the public discourse over the Palestinian tahini company “Al Arz” and its support for LGBT rights, the previous others that tackled LGBTQ+ people even after their death, and the successive violent incidents that we endure constantly,  many thoughts, feelings and doubts rise to the surface, and they collectively become more complex during both the coronavirus pandemic and the social and political turbulences.

Al-Qaws invites you to a digital workshop that discusses the current situation, these incidents, and how they affect us as LGBTQ+ people.

The workshop aims to provide a space to share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences regarding these incidents, and to try to contemplate and contextualize them. It will address the following questions: How do we cope with these incidents? How do they impact us or our relationships with our families and society? What do we gain from experiencing these incidents and how can we take advantage of them to develop ourselves and confront our surrounding?”

The workshop takes place on Tuesday 28th of July at 17:00, and it lasts 2 hours via Zoom App. The workshop will be guided by a professional group facilitator from Al-Qaws’s staff.

The “On the Question” workshops are a series of digital workshops that aim to provide a space for LGBTQ people from afar to participate and interact, and especially for those who cannot physically arrive to our trainings or groups.

In addition, they aim to give space to share and reflect on our queer experiences on several emotional, cognitive, and behavioral levels. The space also works on exploring our personal knowledge, capabilities, and opportunities that we can leverage to trigger change in our own lives.