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Thank You Darkmatter!

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Darkmatter, trans South Asian activists in the United States and longtime friends to alQaws, for their tremendous efforts in organizing a successful solidarity fundraising campaign for alQaws.

The campaign, which involved an indiegogo campaign as well as a special Art and Activism event in New York City ended January 15th.  

Over 188 indiegogo funders and over 100 attendees to the event collectively raised over $6400 (exceeding the organizers’ goal of $6,000: www.indiegogo.com).

The success of this campaign demonstrates the relevance of our joint anti-colonial and queer organizing, and also offers strong evidence of the transformative potential of establishing new and meaningful alliances throughout the globe. 

Thank you, Darkmatter, for your ongoing support and friendship.

AND, if you are around,  don’t miss Darkmatter’s performances