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Writing Our Media

In January 2010, alQaws launched its first writing workshop that attempts to open a space for queer writing on erotica, the body and sexuality. The workshop led to a partnership with the online Palestinian journal Qadita.net in August 2011, and a regular queer column that includes literary writings, articles, and reviews, with the aim of presenting the points of views of LGBTQ people in Palestine and in neighboring countries.  Media visibility is a tool that alQaws has used extensively to try to change social discourse on sexuality, and we intend to continue doing so through alQaws' website and our queer writing column at Qadita.net.  To read an English translation of one of the texts that appeared in alQaws’ queer column "Intimacy," click HERE.

Over the next three years we will continue publishing 4-6 new articles every month focusing on queer writing.  In addition we are planning to publish an anthology of selected texts published on Qadita.net. Over the coming few months we will work to expand this effort into the offline zone too by organizing a quarterly intellectual- cultural evening in Yaffa to discuss new texts and the language of body and sexuality.  We will be announcing the dates for the coming events soon.