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alQaws Queer Parties: Remaining Dates for 2015

alQaws throws highly successful, well-attended Palestinian queer parties eight times yearly (since 2003).  alQaws' Queer Parties regularly attract 350+ attendees from all over Palestine, with rich diversity of age, background, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more. Our parties create a unique and welcoming queer Palestinian space - and provide an opportunity for social networking, community-building, and open celebration of sexual and gender diversity through Arabic music, art shows, and topical awareness initiatives.

One recent awareness initiative produced by alQaws involved the development and distribution of materials to promote consent-driven orientation and behavior while combating sexual harassment. alQaws' "Consent and Personal Space" materials were posted and distributed at alQaws Queer Parties and published on alQaws' website.  This initiative - which used simple, yet powerful language and graphics to convey the idea of respect for others and consent - successfully generated a public discourse and open debate about our responsibility as individuals, groups, and institutions to provide a safe space within our communities.

alQaws' remaining parties for 2015 will take place on 30 October and 12 December.  Event dates and details are published on our website at the beginning of each year. For the full 2015 schedule, click here.