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alQaws Youth Groups in Ramallah and Haifa

In 2014, alQaws organized 2 long-term youth groups with over 20 participants. The youth groups, entitled "Me, My Sexuality, and Society: Knowledge and Impact” are a safe space to examine aspects of gender and sexuality, and to voice and discuss personal opinions related to sexuality. The first group took place in Ramallah between April and July. The second group started in Haifa in October and is due to continue through February 2015.

The youth groups offer an opportunity to discuss, in-depth, various sexual and gender diversity issues and their relation to the daily life of the participants, as well as a platform to share the challenges participants face. Moreover, this is a space facilitating exploration of abilities and capacities for change within the group and the individuals. These groups involve LGBTQ youth who are interested in exploring these issues in a group setting, and with the support that entails, and looking to understand their sexual and gender experience in holistic and local ways. The success of these groups underlies alQaws' plans to establish new groups in additional locations in2015.