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alQaws Releases Comic Series Highlighting Queer Experiences at School

Majd, Sari, Rasha, and Rani—the comic series “Tarwiha” features these four queer characters living different sexual and gender experiences. Their lives differ, yet they intersect. They all meet up after school to share the experiences, stories, and challenges they face during the day.

In this youth-oriented comic series, alQaws aims to feature young queer voices, by sharing stories that queer youth have seen, heard, or lived at school. In recent years, alQaws has realized the significance of addressing the diversity of sexual and gender experiences in schools, choosing to highlight them through an exciting visual storytelling medium that can reach parents, teachers, and, most importantly, students.


(Rasha and Rani’s introduction, each image featuring a character describing themself)

Students' experiences at school as gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and queer kids, as well as and many other diverse orientations, range from deeply violent to exceedingly wonderful. But one thing's for sure: these profound experiences shape who kids are in one way or another.

alQaws hopes that these comics will reach out to school kids, and that they will find their stories and experiences reflected, whether regarding sexual orientation, love and relationships, gender, bullying, etc.

(Sari and Majd’s introduction)

Episodes will be published monthly until the end of the year. Follow the series on alQaws' Facebook page, or on Instagram @alQaws_Org

Visit the comic’s webpage to see all episodes.

* The title of the comic series “Tarwiha” carries a double meaning: “the end of the school day” and “going out to unwind.”