Videos // Qina3 Jdeed (New Mask)

Qina3 Jdeed (New Mask)


Album: Ghanni 3an Ta3rif
Lyrics: Jowan Safadi
Composed by: Jowan Safadi
Perform by: Jowan Safadi

New Mask
I think I'm landing
and no one
is standing there for me
I don't really recognize
any of the faces I see
From this corner
you all look
a little bit too strange
I can't change
the way you feel
and I will never change
I gotta find a new mask
to conceal my disease
I think that I am perfect now
or this is the best I can
Despite all my deep shit
I'm a surviving man
In the closet I'm trying on
another kind of skirt
Something longer
Something darker
To cover up my dirt
I gotta find a new mask
to conceal my disease


“Ghanni A`an Taa`rif” (Singing Sexuality) is a Palestinian youth music project, and an initiative of alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society.  The project emerged from the desire of alQaws activists to reach out to Palestinian youth. alQaws aspired to open new discussions about sexuality and gender diversity in Palestinian society through music. Music is an expressive art form that has the potential to make us think and feel; it is a driver and catalog of revolutionary social movements, this one no exception.

The media campaign for the project was launched on the first of May 2013, primarily through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email. The Facebook page holds all relevant information about "Ghanni A`an Taa`rif", as well as all written and visual materials that were and will be produced. These include three promotional teaser videos directed by Eli Reziq and Shahd Issawi. The campaign also included graffiti painted on the walls of Jaffa, Haifa and other cities.

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